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Tip#11: It is Important to say Thank you!

If you are like most brides and grooms, the last thing that comes mind when you are working on your wedding budget is Tipping!  It is not uncommon for me hear this comment! ”Honestly......there is something more I have to spend money on that I did not expect?”

I love what Cynthia Myers, writer for www.Dexknows has to say! Read below and then you decide!


TIPPING wedding vendors can be a sticky subject. After all, you've probably paid your vendors a lot of money to provide services for your wedding. Adding tips to this amount may feel like too much of a burden on your already stretched budget. But everyone involved will work hard for your wedding, often for hourly wages at late hours. Tip and thank them for helping to make your wedding a success.


Decide who will get tips. The following people customarily receive tips: waitstaff, bartenders, limo drivers, DJs, musicians, floral delivery persons and photographers/videographers. You may also wish to tip your wedding coordinator or planner and your venue's catering manager or events manager, especially ifthey've performed an extra service or helped you in some special way.


Step 1: Scrutinize your vendor contracts. Some may already have tips built into the contract. You'll be paying the tip as part of your overall bill, so you don't need to prepare an additional tip to hand-deliver. Other contracts may prohibit tipping.

Step 2: Decide how much to tip and assemble cash in that amount. Ten to 15 percent of the bill is appropriate for most vendors. Tip delivery people $5 to $10 each. Put the cash for each person into a separate envelope and label it. You can put the money for waitstaff into one envelope and deliver it to the catering manager. If you have more than one bartender, deliver the tip to the head bartender. You may tip musicians individually or give the tip to the band/orchestra leader.

Step 3: Appoint a person to distribute the tips. If you're using a paid wedding coordinator, he is responsible for seeing to it that the appropriate people are tipped. If you're not using a coordinator, distributing tips is one of the duties of the best man. But if you don't want to hand this responsibility over to the best man, delegate it to another responsible person, such as the father of the bride or groom.

Step 4: Send thank you cards to those who provided exceptional service, in addition to their tip. While money is always welcome, vendors appreciate these cards. They're also handy for them to show off to future clients.


Bring extra envelopes and cash to the wedding in case you forgot someone or someone performs a special service you want to acknowledge at the last minute.While owners of businesses do not necessarily have to be tipped, it's a nice gesture that most won't turn down. Use plain, white envelopes to hold tips.  Talk to other couples & find out the amounts they tipped while using vendors in your area.

NOTE from Lana:  If tipping 10 to 15% is just too much, give what you can!  Your vendors will appreciate it!


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