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Tip #12:  Leave your Hair and Makeup to the Professionals!

Your Hair and Makeup are the finishing touches that complete your Wedding Day look!  Although some brides will try to save a few dollars by doing their own hair and makeup, it is best to leave this task to the professionals.

Be sure to explore all of your options, especially when you are on a tight budget! Always check with your Wedding Planner first!  She is constantly connected with brides and wedding professionals and is the best resource.

You will want to maximize your time with your stylist by coming prepared with ideas and examples of how you want to look.

Be Creative!

  • Who do you know? How about asking the person who cuts your hair to style your wedding day hairdo!  You are comfortable with him or her and you like their work.  If this is not something they do, ask for a personal recommendation.
  • Check out the Mall! Map out your schedule to include several visits to different beauty counters located in your favorite department stores.  You will have a full selection of makeup options to select from.  And you might find a stylist there that would be excited to do your wedding day makeup.
  • Visiting Bridal Shows is a great way to meet Wedding Vendors of all kinds.  You will have the opportunity to meet Hair and Makeup stylists in person!  You can see some of their work first hand and decide if their style and personality would be a good fit for you.
  • The local Beauty School?  This may sound a little scary trusting a novice to style your hair or do your makeup!  Ask the staff for contact information about recent graduates who were topnotch students.  You just might get an amazing deal with a very talented novice.
  • Don’t forget skilled friends and family!  Their fees will be less, maybe free and they usually have a lot more time to perfect the look you really want.

Helpful Hint:

Schedule a hair and makeup rehearsal before the wedding to make sure the results are what you are expecting.  And don’t schedule these appointments too close to your wedding day.  You will need time to make changes if you are not completely satisfied.

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