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Hair and Makeup

Tip #12:  Leave your Hair and Makeup to the Professionals!

Your Hair and Makeup are the finishing touches that complete your Wedding Day look!  Although some brides will try to save a few dollars by doing their own hair and makeup, it is best to leave this task to the professionals.

Be sure to explore all of your options, especially when you are on a tight budget! Always check with your Wedding Planner first!  She is constantly connected with brides and wedding professionals and is the best resource.

You will want to maximize your time with your stylist by coming prepared with ideas and examples of how you want to look.

Be Creative!

  • Who do you know? How about asking the person who cuts your hair to style your wedding day hairdo!  You are comfortable with him or her and you like their work.  If this is not something they do, ask for a personal recommendation.
  • Check out the Mall! Map out your schedule to include several visits to different beauty counters located in your favorite department stores.  You will have a full selection of makeup options to select from.  And you might find a stylist there that would be excited to do your wedding day makeup.
  • Visiting Bridal Shows is a great way to meet Wedding Vendors of all kinds.  You will have the opportunity to meet Hair and Makeup stylists in person!  You can see some of their work first hand and decide if their style and personality would be a good fit for you.
  • The local Beauty School?  This may sound a little scary trusting a novice to style your hair or do your makeup!  Ask the staff for contact information about recent graduates who were topnotch students.  You just might get an amazing deal with a very talented novice.
  • Don’t forget skilled friends and family!  Their fees will be less, maybe free and they usually have a lot more time to perfect the look you really want.

Helpful Hint:

Schedule a hair and makeup rehearsal before the wedding to make sure the results are what you are expecting.  And don’t schedule these appointments too close to your wedding day.  You will need time to make changes if you are not completely satisfied.

Tipping Vendors

Tip#11: It is Important to say Thank you!

If you are like most brides and grooms, the last thing that comes mind when you are working on your wedding budget is Tipping!  It is not uncommon for me hear this comment! ”Honestly……there is something more I have to spend money on that I did not expect?”

I love what Cynthia Myers, writer for www.Dexknows has to say! Read below and then you decide!


TIPPING wedding vendors can be a sticky subject. After all, you’ve probably paid your vendors a lot of money to provide services for your wedding. Adding tips to this amount may feel like too much of a burden on your already stretched budget. But everyone involved will work hard for your wedding, often for hourly wages at late hours. Tip and thank them for helping to make your wedding a success.


Decide who will get tips. The following people customarily receive tips: waitstaff, bartenders, limo drivers, DJs, musicians, floral delivery persons and photographers/videographers. You may also wish to tip your wedding coordinator or planner and your venue’s catering manager or events manager, especially ifthey’ve performed an extra service or helped you in some special way.


Step 1: Scrutinize your vendor contracts. Some may already have tips built into the contract. You’ll be paying the tip as part of your overall bill, so you don’t need to prepare an additional tip to hand-deliver. Other contracts may prohibit tipping.

Step 2: Decide how much to tip and assemble cash in that amount. Ten to 15 percent of the bill is appropriate for most vendors. Tip delivery people $5 to $10 each. Put the cash for each person into a separate envelope and label it. You can put the money for waitstaff into one envelope and deliver it to the catering manager. If you have more than one bartender, deliver the tip to the head bartender. You may tip musicians individually or give the tip to the band/orchestra leader.

Step 3: Appoint a person to distribute the tips. If you’re using a paid wedding coordinator, he is responsible for seeing to it that the appropriate people are tipped. If you’re not using a coordinator, distributing tips is one of the duties of the best man. But if you don’t want to hand this responsibility over to the best man, delegate it to another responsible person, such as the father of the bride or groom.

Step 4: Send thank you cards to those who provided exceptional service, in addition to their tip. While money is always welcome, vendors appreciate these cards. They’re also handy for them to show off to future clients.


Bring extra envelopes and cash to the wedding in case you forgot someone or someone performs a special service you want to acknowledge at the last minute.While owners of businesses do not necessarily have to be tipped, it’s a nice gesture that most won’t turn down. Use plain, white envelopes to hold tips.  Talk to other couples & find out the amounts they tipped while using vendors in your area.

NOTE from Lana:  If tipping 10 to 15% is just too much, give what you can!  Your vendors will appreciate it!


The Reception

TIP #10: A Successful Wedding Reception is a lot like a Good Book!

Everyone knows that a good story requires certain elements to make it readable; elements that create interest so that the reader will not want to put the book down!

Did you know that a successful Wedding Reception is a lot like a good book?  You need a unique setting with interesting characters, a plot or storyline that captivates your guests with details that are engaging and entertaining, a climatic highpoint and finally the resolution or ending to an amazing day!

You are probably familiar with some of the key elements or traditions that make up most wedding receptions.  Here is a refresher:

Grand Entrance, First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Toasting, Video, Guests Dancing, Cake Cutting, Bouquet and Garter Toss, Last Dance, and the Grand Exit

These elements make up a Reception along with Food and Beverage of course!  Some couples may add elements that are uniquely theirs and some may decide to eliminate elements that do not fit their style.  It is important to remember to keep your quests interested and engaged.  There is nothing worse than a boring party with guests wondering what is coming next!  A Wedding Planner can help you decide what elements suit your tastes best and how to best orchestrate these elements so that your reception runs smoothly and efficiently.  By evenings end your guests will wonder where the time went!




We Won! Bride’s Choice Awards 2012


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The Event Schedule

Tip #9 Event Schedule!

Don’t leave home without it!

The most important factor to keeping your wedding day running smoothly and seamlessly is the Event Schedule.  You have spent months planning hundreds of details for your special day and it is essential that you align these details in a timed program called an Event Schedule.

Every wedding and reception has time perimeters it must conform to! For example the church you have chosen may only allow 2 hours for decorating of the sanctuary and completing your wedding ceremony.  They schedule more than one ceremony per day! Or the reception site requires that your event end by a specific time and your vendors have only one hour to breakdown and vacate the room.

How do you fit all that you have planned and dreamed about into your wedding day and do it smoothly and seamlessly without rushing through your to-do-list or dragging out each detail at the expense of boring your guests?  After all, your guests have reserved their day to celebrate with you and share in this joyous occasion!

The answer…by preparing a detailed Event Schedule!  This can be a tedious process.  I recommend that you sit down and begin walking through the complete event in your head, from the arrival of out of town guests to your honeymoon flight info.  Then put these details to paper. You may need to do this several times just to make sure that you have not forgotten any details. Forgotten details will set your Event Schedule off course!

If you have a Wedding Planner she will take charge of preparing and providing a detailed Event Schedule!  Her expertise is invaluable.  She will know just how long certain wedding details will take and where best to place them in the Schedule.   As the wedding plans fall into place, she will continue to add to and fine-tune the Schedule as needed.   Three weeks before the wedding most plans are set.

On the day of the wedding, the Event Schedule is the planner’s bible! Every little detail has been incorporated into the Schedule and must be followed faithfully.  However, the Wedding Planner will also know when it may be appropriate to speed up the schedule, to keep guests excited and involved or change up the schedule in order to accommodate an unpredictable situation.   For example maybe the Bride and Groom are running late because the wedding photos took a little longer than anticipated!  She will recalculate and adapt the schedule accordingly. Guests will be unaware of any hiccups!